Critical tolerance molds and plastic component

The world runs on fossil fuels and renewable sources, and the Precision Group strives to meet the needs of companies that obtain energy from these sources. Although oil, gas, wind and solar energy are a very diverse bundle, they have at least one thing in common: obtaining them requires a large amount of machinery and equipment. We produce the critical tolerance molds and plastic components used to make this type of equipment.

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Critical tolerance

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Critical manufacturing

Energetic Customers

Industry leaders like Baker Hughes, who rely on high-quality, safe products delivered on time to the men and women who work in the oilfields, trust the Precision Group with our impeccable history of producing and supplying plastic molds and components from top performance at scale and in a timely manner. With experience manufacturing products such as fluid control systems and high pressure vessels, the Precision Group is prepared to undertake a wide range of critical manufacturing projects for use in the field.

Each product is designed to serve a specific purpose, with a range of different perspectives we help our customers find the right equipment.

Whether it's wind turbines, oil pumps, solar panels, or high-pressure vessels, Precision Group can help energy companies and their suppliers build their arsenal of equipment with our mold making and repair services, complex machining, design engineering and injection molding.