35 years being the most reliable choice

Our story begins in the Royberg Family garage in a San Antonio Texas suburb and has led us to export our molds and services to dozens of countries at our four facilities.Through the years we have always been concerned about one thing mainly: "Being the Most Precise Option to guarantee the constant production of our customers". We are proud of the Family that we have created that gives results for our clients and the thousands / millions of people that we end up impacting with the result of our work.

Precision Group Foundation


Precision Group was founded as Precision Mold & Tool in San Antonio, TX, by Naum & Maya Royberg, beginning its operations in the Roybergs' garage.

Moves to a new space


The Roybergs moved their business to a small industrial space located within the Northern Industrial Park. As their capacity grew with a reputation for quality components, their customer base grew.

An new office opens in La Feria


The owners expanded their operations and established a Precision Mold & Tool South plant in La Feria, Texas.

San Antonio headquarters are expanded


Precision Mold & Tool North expanded to a facility of just over 900 m². This allowed our company to offer even more services to the automotive industry.

The San Antonio headquarters are expanded again and the Reynosa branch opens


Precision Mold & Tool North was further expanded to cover more than 2,000 m². This allowed the company to build to another level and was the accomplishment of the Roybergs' dream of expanding their molding capabilities. Precision Mold & Tool Mexico was strategically established in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico to allow Precision Group to serve customers in the industry located on the Texas-Mexico border.

The molding division is created


Precision created a molding division that allows customers to view a product from conception to packaging. This centralized configuration introduced a new level of convenience for our customers.

The company was renamed to Precision Group


With its diverse locations and extensive services, Precision Mold & Tool has officially rebranded and rebranded and reinvented itself as the Precision Group for appealing to the US and global markets.

ISO certification is obtained


We obtained ISO 13485: 2016 certification for medical devices and quality management systems.

Support is given for local development


Support is provided to the San Antonio community by sponsoring the San Antonio Manufacturing Association, supporting arts programs, educational programs for SAMA, Hallmark University (center for technical education), and the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts.

Coming together across international borders.


Precision group is developing a new 15,000 sq ft facility in Monterrey, Mexico as we expand our tooling operations. This facility will be fully outfitted with the latest technology to support mold creation, mold repair, prototyping, and engineering design.


As an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility, Precision Mold and Tool is committed to quality throughout the design and manufacturing process.

We also are certified by ISO 13485: 2016 which allow us to offer our service to the medical device sector.