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The Precision Group works with numerous companies and organizations at the forefront of scientific and technological frontiers. These industries are advancing at breakneck speed, and we are always ready to serve your manufacturing and manufacturing needs with our experience and industry-leading teams.

What sets us apart and make us impenetrable? Put your project in the hands of the experts.

Expanding knowledge

Spacecraft Manufacture

High Level Trained Technicians

Science and Technology Customers

We love helping clients like the Southwest Research Institute, NASA, and Princeton University cross borders, expand our knowledge, and even change our understanding of the world. These customers need help to produce plastic and metal components both on a large scale and on a one-off basis in order to achieve this mission.

Each product is designed to serve a specific purpose, with a range of different perspectives we help our customers find the right equipment.

We have the ability to execute highly nuanced maneuvers to produce the intricate metal geometries our customers need, particularly those involving considerable bending. We have played a specialized support role in NASA aerospace projects such as the Interstellar Frontier Explorer (IBEX) and New Horizons, the first interplanetary space probe to fly over Pluto.