At Precision Group we strive to ensure that our customers receive guidance throughout the process of bringing a product from concept to production, seamlessly integrating their ideas into our comprehensive operation from start to finish.


We help our engineers grow and develop professionally through a complete training process that helps them be ready for the precision challenges that arise. Manufacturing the most precise molds requires people that care about the detail of all components, ensuring the final result delivers the needed solution to meet our clients expectations.


With our more than 35 years of experience, our manufacturing team has extensive knowledge that reflects in their work. We work together to create the most complex geometries along the most advanced machines to meet our customers deadlines and budgets guaranteed.


We are devoted to quality throughout the design and manufacturing process due to our commitment to be more precise, effective and intelligent, looking for the best way to do things.


A sales department is the direct link between a company’s product or service and its customers. Having a strong sales team is crucial to our company, being responsible for making sales, growing the bussiness and ultimately the most important function is maintaining relationships with our customers.